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Holy Name of Jesus students

Strategic Partnerships

The University develops local partnerships to advance not only the student experience, but the surrounding community as well.  This page is dedicated to listing the strategic partnerships that have been thoughtfully developed and collaborated with shared stakeholders.

After more than a century of working together as neighbors, Loyola University New Orleans and Holy Name of Jesus School and Parish formed a strategic partnership, one designed to help students, parents, families, faculty and staff to grow in community, faith, learning, ministry and mission. The new partnership, announced in January, 2022, would create new opportunities to further celebrate the God-given talents of faculties, staff and students as we help one another learn and grow.

Already, the two schools enjoyed a shared Jesuit mission—a mission to form men and women and boys and girls for others: a mission to help the next generation of New Orleanians become the Christian disciples and servant leaders that God is calling them to be. New leadership at Holy Name of Jesus School and Parish and Loyola University saw fresh possibilities.

For almost 500 years, the Jesuits have stood for excellence in education – in Europe and across the world, they helped create education as we know it. It is our hope and prayer that our unique and one-of-a-kind partnership will thrive – and in time, serve as a model for Catholic education in New Orleans and beyond.

To learn more about this partnership or to collaborate on a student learning experience please contact: Desiree Rodriguez at Desiree@joker47.net or 504-865-3849