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Department of Art

Optional Art Supplements 

Students who wish to be considered for combined merit/talent scholarship have the option to submit an artist statement or a portfolio.


Artist Statement

In 250 words or less, tell us about your art-making and why you are interested in pursuing a career in an art-related field. You can answer this prompt in any manner you see fit, but you may use the following questions to guide the content of your essay:

  • What role does art play in your life?
  • What role do you want art to play in your future?
  • What inspires you in your own art-making?
  • How would you like to use art in your professional life?


  • Submit 10 to 15 pieces of your best and most recent work
  • When compiling your portfolio, you may include whatever media you wish (drawings, prints, photographs, paintings, video, sculpture, ceramics, etc.)
  • All the works you submit as part of your portfolio should include a title, a brief (1-2 sentence) description, and the date of completion
  • Please do not mail us original works or physical portfolios